Graduates getting paid better, but still job-hopping


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Graduates getting paid better, but still job-hopping

Last year's graduates of local colleges started in jobs at wages 25 percent higher than their predecessors — more than 6,000 yuan ($886.75) a month.

But still over 21 percent have hopped from their first jobs, said a survey released by the city's employment promotion center and the students' affairs center.

The conclusions were based on officially registered information from the 97,000 students graduating from local colleges and who began working in Shanghai in 2016.

The report showed that those graduates' average term of employment was 29.2 months — 0.4 months longer than their peers graduating in the previous year.

Now, 95.9 percent of the these graduates choosing to work in Shanghai are still employed, 1.2 percentage points more than the survey result in the previous year.

Almost 70 percent of them worked in areas related to what they had learned in colleges, said the report.

About 80 percent of them said they were very satisfied or relatively satisfied with their jobs, while 6.1 percent said they were not quite satisfied or very dissatisfied.

Their average salary one year after graduation was 6,236 yuan per month, up 25 percent from their starting pay.

The average salary for 2015 graduates was 5,659 yuan a month after the same period of working.

The current average pay was 4,645 yuan a month for junior college graduates, 5,495 for those with a bachelor's degree and 8,972 for those with master's or higher.

The finance industry still leads the pay level with 8,216 yuan per month, followed by education and health at 7,908 and 7,653 yuan per month respectively.

The proportion of job-hoppers was 2.6 points higher than that of graduates in 2015 during the first year after graduation.

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