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Apple finally takes action on underage labour

Apple has stuck to its word and begun to cut ties with Chinese suppliers who are found to employ underage workers.

Apple last year joined forces with the Fair Labor Association (FLA) after a report from the organisation found evidence of the practise at some of Apple’s suppliers.

Now the company has released its Supplier Responsibility Progress Report, in which it was revealed that Apple has cut ties with Guangdong Real Faith Pingzhou Electronics (PZ) after 74 violations were discovered.

Staffing firm Shenzhen Quanshun Human Resources, which supplied workers to PZ, reportedly went as far as to aid families to produce fake age documentation. 106 active cases were revealed.

Interestingly, notorious employer Foxconn “is on track to meet the FLA's recommendations by July 1st”, The Verge reports.

In fact, Apple CEO Tim Cook has made a point of stressing that improved labour practices are a key priority for Apple – a notable change from the seemingly opposite policy employed by his predecessor (and Buddhist!) Steve Jobs.

The company performed 393 labour audits in 2012 – that’s a 72 per cent increase over 2011.

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Antal assess new trends in oil and gas market

According to Antal China, the oil and gas sector is about to experience significant growth thanks to the growth of the Chinese economy. The company state that since 2011, the two China oil giants CNPC and Sinopec, have been pushing the wholesale prices down at a minimum, while increasing the prices of the retailed refined oil, thereby delivering high profits. However this year, at a time when the price difference between retailed and wholesaled oil has reached RMB 300/ton, foreign and private retail stations are facing a serious lack of oil source. For this reason some oil companies are now setting up their own depot – a move which has been recorded and supported by recruiting firm Antal China. In part, these new ventures ensure the companies retain enough oil reserve, but they also help companies to respond to price fluctuation which remain a clear feature of the Chinese market.

Antal have also perceived that deep-sea oil and gas field Exploration and Production (E&P) is becoming a greater focus in the region. However, this area of business requires higher quality of equipment, technology and talent. There are clearly new opportunities here for foreign companies who wish to supply this kind of technology to the region and alongside this there will be a higher demand for skilled personnel in deep sea development, project management, sales and application.

Antal have already been working in this area, recruiting for a foreign company who specialise in high-end sub-sea products. The company concerned set up a new office in Shenzhen in order to supply the deep-sea E&P development.

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Conference, Exhibition & Awards Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 2-3 October 2013

The Global Recruiter Magazine, the principal magazine for the global recruitment industry together with the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo), are pleased to announce our second Asia Pacific Recruitment Summit.

The event will bring together the industry in and around Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Japan and the other main Asia Pacific jurisdictions.

With the world’s major industries and companies concentrating their efforts in the Asian Pacific hubs, the recruitment industry has seen dramatic growth. However, recruitment-specific data and events are a rarity, with conferences and expos leaning towards the corporate/HR end of the market.

The Global Recruiter magazine, together with the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo), have filled this void.

Held in Singapore in October 2013, our Summit will include a two day-long conference, with presentations from world leaders in global recruitment knowledge focusing on many different issues to help you grow your recruitment brand in the region. The two days will culminate in a lavish gala awards ceremony with the region’s staffing sector coming together to celebrate their achievements.

The 2012 Asia Pacific Summit provided the recruitment industry with an invigorating diverse informative and invaluable event where inspiring new ideas and refreshed enthusiasm were found. The conference programmes plenary sessions, masterclasses and tracks provided delegates real-life practical solutions to help transform their organisations and add value to their brand. Alongside the conference the exhibition provided tailored advice and solutions from leading recruitment industry suppliers, specific to the business challenges faced in the Asia Pacific region. The Summit climaxed with a glittering Gala dinner and awards ceremony, where 13 companies were recognised for their outstanding achievements in the Asia Pacific region.

The 2013 Summit will be a must attend for those serious about business in the Asia Pacific region. We fully expect the 2013 Summit to even further demonstrate the high standards of Recruitment in Asia Pacific , which, through this Summit, will only become more globally renowned.

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Nike's China operation introduces SaaS solution to talent war

The war for talent in China has led Nike Sports to introduce the Lumese TalentLink technology platform on which to base its recruitment strategy for the country. In the first phase of the initiative 11 recruiters in Greater China and over 15 agencies will work with a complete Software as a Service system which will enhance the screening and selection process as well as creating a standardised workflow for the task ahead. The company hope this will bring transparency and a high level of reporting to the process which will benefit recruitment across the Asia region.

"Demand for the best candidates, which far exceeds supply, is becoming a serious problem in recruitment management in China," said Rishi Dadlani, Nike’s Talent Acquisition Sourcing Manager in Greater China. "Our recruiting processes have been working well in recent years, but now with aggressive market growth plans in place, our recruiters absolutely need to deal with and manage a higher and more effective workload.

While supporting the company’s overall objectives in the region Nike hopes to bring some of it brand strength to talent acquisition work. They also intend to connect Lumesse TalentLink to Nike external and internal career sites for a much better and richer candidate experience in the direct application process.

"This is a perfect example of our philosophy of being the only global company making talent management work locally," said Lumesse CEO, Matthew Parker. "China is an absolutely unique market today, with a high growth economy, a shortage of skilled talent, and very specific requirements for languages and local support."

"While job-boards is certainly a channel that has been around for a long time, we don't particularly focus on it. We have an excellent toolkit, coupled with the strength of our consumer brand, and our dream is to convert all our consumers into potential candidates," said Rishi Dadlani. "There are a number of social media platforms/networks we will certainly leverage to market our employment brand. Through these channels we will build and engage talent communities and eventually stimulate direct applications."

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Open recruitment more common in China's public institutions

Open recruitment has been carried out in most Chinese public institutions as a method of filling posts, a government spokesman said on Friday.

The process of boosting open recruitment in government-sponsored institutions began in 2006, said Yin Chengji, spokesman for the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security.

Public institutions, including schools, research institutions, hospitals and publishing houses, are the backbone of China's public service system.

Yin said the ministry has also been working to standardize the way posts are managed, with 145 out of 157 public institutions under the central government having standardized such management.

The ministry will make more efforts to enhance and standardize open recruiting this year, as well as inspect recruitment efforts in public institutions in cooperation with the Organization Department of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, Yin said.

In addition, the ministry is considering creating regulations to encourage open recruitment in different sectors.

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China pollution makes recruiter's job more difficult

Air pollution in China is driving away foreign talent from some key cities, including the capital city of Beijing, and making it harder for multinational firms to persuade their employees to relocate there, hiring managers said.

“They are not familiar with the place and the country, so the heavy pollution is an important factor for them to consider,” said a senior executive at Antal International Germany in an e-mail interview. Antal International is a global recruitment firm working with multinational companies. The services offered by its German office includes recruiting foreign executives to work in China for large carmakers such as BMW, Audi and Volkswagen.

“Air pollution is becoming a real issue among expats working with Audi and BMW. A senior lawyer has asked to be transferred out of the area very recently,” said Richard Adam, a managing partner at Antal International Germany who regularly hires western talents to work in Asia.

The difficulty of finding people to fill in positions in Chinese cities, on a scale of 1 to 10, was rated as 6, by Adam.

And while there seems to be few concerns expressed when it come recruiting westerners to the Shanghai, China’s financial hub, 60 per cent of those negotiating the possibility of working in Beijing and other Chinese industrial cities mentioned air pollution or health issues as a one of their top concerns, according to Adam.

“Life balance and health is getting more important and people take environmental issues into consideration. Nobody is going to ruin his or her health when there are job alternatives under better conditions. When people can choose, they take what is good for them, and money cannot compensate for health,” he said.

Sending someone from a “better” place to a less attractive one with a lower quality of life does not necessarily mean the person will get monetary compensation as the cost of living might be cheaper, said Adam. Yet after what happened to Beijing recently, the situation “might change”, he added.

On Saturday, a Beijing air pollution index measuring particulate matter with a diameter of 2.5 micrometres (PM2.5) hit levels as high as 400 in some areas of the city. A level above 300 is considered hazardous, while the World Health Organisation recommends a daily level of no more than 25.

Foreigners who work in “obviously polluted areas” could expect to be paid 5 to 12 per cent more than those working in a comparable position in places with a better environment, Adam said.

While international firms may have to pay more to attract foreigners to locate in China, Chinese candidates, however, said pollution and environmental issues were not a key concern when relocating to Beijing from other inland cities.

The opportunities, salary level, and exciting working environment of a first-tier city usually outweigh the inconvenience of poor air quality for Chinese employees, according to Antal International China.

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