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HW Board Specialist (Design/Integration Test) (it157hz)

Job Title: HW Board Specialist (Design/Integration Test)

Industry: Telecommunication (3G/WCDMA/GSM)


1. Development and Testing of digital technology for base station products.

2. Prototyping, design & implementation of digital hardware according to the Requirement Specification.

3. Integration, verification and test reporting of the product on the module/unit level.

4. Responsible for quality of all the deliverables within schedule & cost budget.


1. MSc (BSc) University degree in Electrical Engineering or Physics

2. Several years experience in digital HW, HW related SW (RF HW is an advantage).

3. Technology knowledge about processor architectures, memories (DDR2,..), high speed bus systems (PCI, PCI-E, sRIO, GbE), clock generation and distribution

4. Experience with design- and simulation tools (e.g. Mentor Boardstation, Design Architect)

5. Knowledge in 3GPP standards and in integration of digital HW, RF-HW and SW.

6. Knowledge of actual interfaces in the communication technology (CPRI, OBSAI and/or ITU -T standard interfaces).

7. Knowledge of instrument driver (e.g. AHTI, SCPI, LabView, HPVEE) and script/programming languages like C, Perl, Tcl/Tk.

8. Experience in applying of logic analyzers, high speed
oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers and microprocessor debugger.

9. Manual capability in handling of electronic boards (modifications in the LAB) and preparation of LAB – implementations

10. Fluent written and spoken English

11. Good understanding of HW development process

12. Good communication and problem solving skills

13. You are a team player

* Please send us your complete resume (in Chinese and in English) to: ''(Please replace "#" with "@")
* In the email subject please include the position name and job #

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Linux Software Specialist (it158hz)

Job Title: Linux Software Specialist

Industry: Telecommunication (3G/WCDMA/GSM)


1. Responsible for SW specification, design, implementation in certain technical domain, develop technical features on Embedded OS system.

2. Mainly working for ngRNC platform product.


1. M.Sc.or in Computer Science, Telecommunication Engineering or equivalent.

2. Excellent embedded SW programming skill with C

3. 3+ years SW programing experience on Linux OS

4. Rich experience on at least one of technical area: IP / Linux OS / Call management.

5. Fluent in written and spoken English and Mandarin.

6. Knowledge of WCDMA and wireless communication system is better

7. Strong team player and quick learner.

Personal Attributes:

1. Good influence and leadership on technical

2. Proven to be quick learner and good team player, take
responsibilities and initiatives;

3. Self-motivated, target driven and innovative thinking

4. Open minded and willing to accept challenges

* Please send us your complete resume (in Chinese and in English) to: ''(Please replace "#" with "@")
* In the email subject please include the position name and job #

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Product Developer/Merchandiser Manager (mn213nb)


Position: Product Developer/Merchandiser Manager

Location: Ningbo, ZheJiang

Duration: Permanent

The Company is a leading Bag Manufacturing companies based in the USA. It has factories in USA and Asia-Pacific countries. It has made products for some of the most prestigious companies in the world including Boeing, Caterpillar, Bombardier, Disney, Yamaha, Kohler, General Electric, Sears and Sam’s Club.


Strong experience with Bag industry, familiar with all types of bags, luggage especially Computer Bag, CD Bag, etc.

Develop a product based technical and aesthetical descriptions
In charge of daily contact with design department in the USA and customers

Familiar with all sorts of Bag materials and also bag production process

Has a good understanding about the bag material or bag suppliers within China


Experience as a Product Developer or Merchandiser in the bag, computer bag industry.

Experience in all round of merchandising, product development, packaging, client management and production management.

Comprehensive product knowledge on bags and accessories for international market.

Experience as Supervisor or Manager of product development

* Please send us your complete resume (in Chinese and in English) to: ''(Please replace "#" with "@")
* In the email subject please include the position name and job #

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Senior Cost Accountant (fi242hz)


Job Title: Senior Cost Accountant

Location: Hang Zhou


1. Utilizing ERP system to calculate costs for internally manufactured bulk, subassemblies and finished goods, analyzing manufacturing accounting in the ERP system to ensure that activities have correctly captured materials issued, completions, labor and overhead, analyzing work order variances, analyzing reserve accounts, analyzing and allocating various product related expenses.

2. Maintains and reconciles basic and complex general ledger account balances. Analyzes account balances for accuracy, budget variances, and unusual trends. Advises management of reasons for unusual trends, budget variances, or other pending issues. Assigned accounts/activities may include work order variances, cost of sales, business use orders, inventory balances, inventory adjustments, obsolescence, and purchase price variances.

3. Analyzes the data integrity of all new inventory items. Works closely with Configuration Management Department to identify gaps and discrepancies and to recommend core database changes to ensure accurate financial reporting.

4. Responsible for the development of standard costs, product costs and reporting systems required to provide accurate financial information. Interacts with various departments to review cost for products.

5. Responsible for monitoring and analyzing inventory, obsolete inventory, and applicable general ledger accounts. Works with respective business partners to ensure proper costs (freight, duties, overhead, etc.) are applied.

6. Prepares monthly, quarterly and year-end schedules for internal reporting and external audits for accounts and activities assigned.

7. Assists in preparing annual budget


1. Bachelor degree or above.
2. At least 3 years working experiences as cost accountant in manufacturing industry.
3. Be familiar with ERP system.
4. Be excellent in both oral and written English.
5. Customer service originated
6. Good team work spirit.

* Please send us your complete resume (in Chinese and in English) to: ''(Please replace "#" with "@")
* In the email subject please include the position name and job #

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Production Manager (mn200zj)

Job Title: Production Manager
Report To: GM
Location: Zhejiang
Company introduction:
Our client is the manufacturing facility of the sampling and unit dose business unit in China. It belongs to a French Group which has 24 footprints all over the world, and 19 production sites (China, France, Germany, Spain, United States). The company targets in priority its historical customers and all international cosmetic companies that have operations in China and/or Asia. With the development in China, they are looking for the talents to join them.
Job Description:

The job holder is taking up a management responsibility of the production function. His job is to ensure the smooth running of the production function to meet the production plan, productivity, quality, associates training, safety, cost control, and target.

1. Responsible for the overall production and operation, pay attention to production safety, products quality, cost control and employee development;
2. According to the company’s policies, ensure employee’s safety from every level and by mutual cooperation;
3. Develop and implement the production procedures, production policies and regulations;
4. Adjust the production strategy according to the information and feedback of engineering or/and sales& marketing department;
5. Control the products quality via various policies and actions, meet the standards and requirements, handle appropriately defective products, and ensure the inventory accuracy;
6. To participate in the site management team and the management improvement team and endeavor contribution to improve site management under the leadership of company.
7. Manage and instruct subordinates’ work, maintain effective communication with other department;
8. Plan the employment of workforce and equipments, effectively control cost, avoid wasting;
9. Undertake other duties as assigned by GM;


1. Degree/background?University degree of Chemical, Packaging, Manufacture Operation, Production or relevant;
2. Experience?Minimum 5 years work experiences in directly managing production department with strong sense on efficiency.
3. Desired Qualifications: ISO9000, With a good level of knowledge and experience of 5S, TPM, TQM, VSM and Hygiene;
4. Strong practical experiences in production organization, management and leadership; Good communication skills in personnel relationships;
5. Skilled in coaching and leading employees at all levels and in various disciplines within the organization;
6. Strong ability in coordination and supervision;
7. Skills of solving production problems, cost control ability and team leadership.
8. Fluency in both English and Mandarin (and/or French)
9. Has worked preferably in a clean industry
10. MUST have worked in a foreign organization before.
* Please send us your complete resume (in Chinese and in English) to: ''(Please replace "#" with "@")
* In the email subject please include the position name and job #

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Vice President Quality (mn197zj)

Our client is a privately held electronic corporation headquartered in U.S. and has branches in Taiwan, Guangdong and Zhejiang. Its main businesses range from Cable Assembly, Card Connectors, RF Connector, to Video and Audio Connectors manufacturing etc.

Position: Vice President Quality - China

Location: Zhejiang Or, alternatively Guangdong

The candidate must be bilingual in Mandarin and English, a team player, demonstrate leadership, professional ethics, and ability to successfully recruit and train key employees.

You will be challenged to deliver:
1. Quality leadership at the highest management level
2. To focus not only on product quality, assurance and improvement, but also the means to achieve it
3. Proficient QA skills that are technically appropriate and in cultural harmony
4. Develop, execute and maintain project work plans and budgets
5. Maintain successful high-level OEM customer relationships
6. Identify and develop TQM opportunities
7. Make Intellectual contributions to the knowledge base of our company

Responsibilities include:
1. Recruiting, hiring and training middle management QA team across the enterprise
2. Lead instruction of employee training and QA procedures
3. Provide coaching and mentoring to Quality Department teams
4. Deliver executive training, champion training and quality in all aspects of our business

Minimum Requirements:
1. Bilingual in Mandarin and English
2. Expertise in ISO9001:2000
3. Expertise in environmental management systems: RoHS, ISO14000 and Sony Green Partner
4. Bachelor’s degree
5. 5+ years of work experience
6. Ability to travel up to 60-90% within China and Taiwan

Preferred Experience/Skills:
1. Master Black Belt certification
2. Lean Master certification
3. Design for Six Sigma experience
4. BSEE, BSME, BSIE or MBA degree
5. Broad-based customer-interface skills in a manufacturing company
6. Strong verbal and written communication skills
* Please send us your complete resume (both in Chinese and in English to: ''(Please replace "#" with "@")
* In the email subject MUST you plus the position name ?in either En or Ch ?

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