Google starts large-scale recruitment in China


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Google starts large-scale recruitment in China

Google has started a large-scale recruitment campaign on the Chinese mainland. Google's recruitment ad showed that the firm is seeking employees covering 26 positions in research and development, products, sales, operation, IT, human resources and marketing.

According to the notice posted, most jobs would be in Shanghai and Beijing but it did not elaborate the quantity of employees the firm is to recruit.

Ever since Google announced its exit from the Chinese mainland this march, many employees of the company have been contacted by domestic internet firms on the purpose of being hired.

The company now sees itself without a few senior officials. Former vice director of Google China R&D Center, Wang Jin, Song Zhongjie, Google China's general manager for sales, and Liu Jun, assistant dean, who was in charge of web search development in Google China Project Research institute all have left their positions.

According to Iresearch, Google's market share in the second quarter declined to 27.3 percent, while its counterpart, Baidu, boasted 70.8 percent. Some of the company's agents like Tianya, also cut off relations with Google.

While industry analysts were worried about the company's development on the mainland, Yu said that its current situation is temporary, and its market grip will be gradually regained.

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