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San Francisco -
Partners from the Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian, Shenzhen and Haikou offices of Jun Le Law Office Join ELA

SAN FRANCISCO – The Employment Law Alliance (ELA) has added five new member offices across China, giving the network an on-the-ground presence in 30 member offices in Asia. The ELA is the world's largest network of more than 3,000 specialized labor and employment lawyers dedicated to assisting employers with legal needs in the U.S. and internationally.

The recent additions are partners from the China-based Jun Le Law Office and include: Dongpeng Wang in the Beijing office, Jianjun Ma in the Shanghai office, Jie Li in the Dalian Office, Xueyong Jiang in the Shenzhen office, and Ruhai Xia in the Haikou office.

“International corporations have long been attracted to China’s extraordinary economic growth and are rapidly opening facilities throughout the country. Ensuring the companies’ policies are compliant with Chinese labor and employment laws is difficult as the laws often vary from city to city,” said Stephen J. Hirschfeld, Esq., CEO of the ELA. “The ELA gives multi-national companies comprehensive, efficient and cost-effective assistance on the ground in each city, region and jurisdiction via truly local experts. We are thrilled to be working with partners at Jun Le as these highly regarded attorneys have intimate knowledge of China’s business practices and employment regulations.”

The ELA offers in-house counsel and human resource executives comprehensive legal guidance in every U.S. state and internationally. Its Global Employer Handbook allows free, 24/7 access to updated legal reference materials and information. The ELA also serves as a resource for trends and issues in employment via its America At Work polls on matters impacting daily business operations around the globe.

“We are pleased to be working collaboratively with our fellow ELA members around the globe. Not only will we be offering our employment law expertise here in China, but our clients with international operations will benefit tremendously from our ability to tap a wealth of reputable legal resources in the vast majority of the world. Not even a global law firm is able to provide such comprehensive experience and coverage,” said Wang.

About The Employment Law Alliance:
The Employment Law Alliance is the world's largest network of labor and employment lawyers. With specialists in all 50 states and more than 100 countries, the ELA provides multi-state and multi-national companies with seamless and cost-effective services worldwide. On the net at: www.employmentlawalliance.com.

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